Friday, September 7, 2012

ramble-y friday

So I just had to add that annoying word verification thingy because of the 396 kajillion spam comments I've been getting lately.  Has anyone ever ordered pharmaceutics based off of a comment someone anonymous left on their blog?  Doesn't seem like it would be a huge market, but le sigh.

I survived this week.  That in itself deserves a big bag of chocolate, but my pregnant state forbids it, without a stiff consequence.  So I'm high-fiving my own face.  Seriously folks, I survived WG's first week of school.  And the Dude's first day of school.  Shifting nap times, shortened children hours, tears from all of us,  it's ridiculously stressful.  Yesterday while the Dude napped and WG was blissfully away being educated at kindergarten, all I could do was sit in a chair and have a panic attack.  Because in 5 hours Daddy was coming home and we'd have to eat dinner and I had no idea what to make.  I know I should plan these things out, but I am horrible at food and have to go with whatever I see at the moment, planning just doesn't work.  Except I never have the ingredients for whatever I want and the thought of going to the store is more stressful than planning meals.  BRDKLJKSRGHQAAAAAAAAA.  I'm even boring myseeeeellllffffff.

Also, wanderlust is hitting me hard.  I just realized we've lived here for all of WG's 4 first days of school.  In a teeny midwestern town.  Which is still a loverly place, I swear, but still the culture shock refuses to give up. Just now, I was resting on my bed and heard mooing.  Because the cows are RIGHT OUTSIDE MY YARD.

And I got this in WG's backpack today:

Sweet, right?  Except I didn't realize these were all the sight words the kindergarteners were expected to learn for the year.  That's it??  Holy snap, what on earth are they going to do with her during class??  Don't worry, there's a specialist working on her case right now figuring out what to do and what to give her, but when will she finally be learning something new??  For a lark, I handed her the sheet and asked her to read me the words.  So she started reading me the instructions.  And this is all they expect out of them for the entire year.  I seem to remember kids reading by the end of kindergarten in our previous school district in the ATL.  Ugh.

Living here has been wonderful in capital letters for the Dude, but I wonder what WG could be doing if there was some place that was actually teaching to her intellectual level AND her emotional level.  Because she is emotionally in the perfect place for her.  In the end, I suppose, that is the most important thing for my still-just-5 year-old sunshine.  Patience...

Also, you bloggity friends are the first ones to know that I just felt the fetus try to kick me for the first time.  It was more of a nudge, but it rolled around in baby-fashion and not it's-just-gas fashion.  I'm an expert in that. Just one more month or so until I get to find out the gender and I can start feeling like this is actually happening.

This morning WG was in a tizzy because she wasn't eating her breakfast and the Dude would sneak over and eat it - to which the solution was to just GO AHEAD AND EAT IT YOURSELF.  But I realized the Dude really needs a younger sibling around to drive him as crazy as he drives WG.  But then what do I do for THAT younger child?  Do I just drive them crazy myself?  Because that's about the extent of my parenting expertise.

Aaaaaaannnnndddd ramble-y e.mail over.  Have a great weekend, folks!


Cathie said...

Whoa, I think they've dumbed down kindergarten since I was there. I distinctly remember being able to read the "challenge" word, which was vanilla. I mean, I was reading whole sentences, and this list is barely more than articles and prepositions! But the upside is you can always challenge her academically at home. That's the easy part!

Padme said...

WHY CAN'T YOU HAVE CHOCOLATE?!?!? You're not convincing me to get pregnant that way...

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