Monday, September 24, 2012

365 days 251-255

Just sumpin'.
I ran as far away as my remote would let me.  Not shabby!  And can you believe I've gone this far into a 365 challenge without a tripod??  Yep.  We have a small one but it doesn't support the big SLR.  I improvised this one with a music stand.  Lucky for me, all the neighbors were at work and didn't stare at me all weird as I marched across the street with a music stand and camera.  Also luckily for me, the wind didn't topple the music stand over.

Sock season is upon us.  I got a few of mine out, and realized I have very few normal looking socks.

Remember how I was all THE AUTOFOCUS IS BROKEN IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!??  Husband figured out what was wrong and ordered a new lens.  That was all!  I figured it would be a huge gobs-of-money problem, and it ended up being around $75. Whew!  Anywho, in my focus-less time it made me experimenting with capturing silhouettes.  I need to keep working at it obviously, but it was fun to do this one over and over and over!

Oooooo!  After a few failed attempts with a tube of material, this worked out much better with a plain cardboard tube.  And then a little computer-y magic to bling out my baby blues.

Anyone have any ideas for pictures?  I've done over 200 of these puppies and I'm running out of idears.

Ooo, and I got some nifty news today!  Remember when I was all "I'm going crazy, I need something to distract me and look forward to!!"  Well, the hubs called me today and announced he'd just purchased some killer seats to a Bela Fleck show ON MY BIRTHDAY!!  I've loved Bela Fleck since I was in high school - he's this caraaazay banjo player and right now he's touring with a jazz trio.  YUM.  SO YUM.  And here's the nifty part - his mom is coming to visit and we're going to drive down on my birthday, have lunch with husband, then she's leaving me, taking the Dude back up home and I'll have the afternoon in Madison to shop and hang out, then dinner and the show with the husband.  !!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I officially have something to be positively giddy about.


The Pagets in Florida said...

Yoga poses. I don't know how that would work exactly, but maybe you could figure it out. Maybe a week with a different instrument you play each day. You may need more days than that though if you start including things like the maracas or pot lids. You could document your inner Julia Child. Oh, Halloween is coming up and so is your birthday. Maybe you could figure out some motion you could do and do part of it in the same place every day wearing different clothes. Then you could make an animated gif out of it. There is an entire week in one gif file, does that count?

SeanUNT said...

Bela Fleck jazz trio? I'm jealous, that sounds awesome! Isn't it great to have a sweet concert to look forward to? I've been doing that with Coheed shows all year, always having one to look forward to. I'm driving to Oklahoma on the 23rd to see them for the 4th time this year! I'm crazy, haha.

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