Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Has is really been over a week??  Good golly.  Well, last week I was busy feeling self-congratulatory.  The house was miraculously still tidy Monday morning, so I woke up NOT feeling like I was already behind in life.  I was able to focus on other endeavors and things were pretty sweet all week long.

I tried to recreate that same Monday feeling this week, but I was so sick Sunday - just pregnancy stuff - that even though things were still respectable, I was already kind of behind in life.  I had a good attitude though, and I had a good start to my day.

But then.  During the Dude's naptime, WG's school called to inform me I had to come pick her up because of a lice infestation at school.  She was one of the lucky winners!

People, I didn't even know what lice were until I was in high school.  I genuinely thought "cooties" was a sadistic game of tag.  I grew up in the suburbs.  No one I knew ever had it.

Anywho, I'm a wreck.  I couldn't sleep last night, my skin is crawling and I'm feeling so lost as to how this happened and how to make sure it doesn't happen again and how to keep the Dude or I from getting it.  And even though those expensive bottles of treatment stuff swear they kill everything on contact, you still have to use that darn comb and catch every unseeable-to-the-naked-eye egg or they are coming back and then eating out the brains of every single person who lives in the house.  It's 2012 and we're still doing this??  There isn't an easier solution??

When I picked up WG, I tried to explain the gravity of the situation.  Me: "We're going to have to cut your hair off."  WG: "Yippeee!"  Me: "You have to go see a doctor."  WG: "Yippeee!!"  Me: "You have to miss school."  WG: "What???  NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ugh.  I hate feeling behind, out of control.  And I usually am, so you'd think I'd just get used to it.  GAH.

You know what would really help?  A call to my mommy.  But she's away from her phone, in Mongolia, riding camels.  I couldn't feel more lame if I tried.

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jennaroo said...

Shaving Teagan's head sounded so good when she had lice. They're awful and I'm so sorry you have to deal with it. After Teagan's bout with them, I pulled her hair up in a pony tail everyday and hosed her hair with hairspray. I also told her to put her gloves and hat in her backpack instead of on the shelf above the coat racks at school. Jackets too when it was warmer out. It could be worse...I discovered Teagan had them on my 29th birthday. Hopefully this mess will be over with before yours arrives :)

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