Monday, October 8, 2012

365 days 264-269

The fog outside was insane in the morning.  I ran out into the street to snap this from the view of the farm next door, and liked it so much I had to use it for the 365 project.  Except I wasn't in it, so I tried out overlay for the first time.  Woo!

I often complain about the lack of trees in our yard, especially with the crazy heat and cloudlessness of this past summer.  But the amazing amount of leaf piles a few blocks away are gorgeous and making me thankful that I don't have to use my rake.  I passed these leaves by the other day and had to race home for the camera.  The poor Dude was strapped into the car, mad that I wouldn't let him out to run in the street with me.  He got a chance later in the day... the following pic is evidence...

I had to stop for an errand at the bishop's house and as I got into the car to leave, I spied the kid's leaf pile from the previous day's play date and couldn't resist.

General Conference!!!

More General Conference!!

People, the heartburn is so bad that I'm completely zombie-fied.  And I'm only halfway done with this pregnancy.  DUDE.  I need some relief, STAT!!

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