Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I have an ultrasound in a few hours, and if everything cooperates, we'll get to see the gender of this parasite.  I've been so nervous I could hardly sleep last night.  I'm not nervous at what the outcome is - although I am really hoping for one of the healthy variety - no, I'm nervous because then this whole mess becomes REAL.

No more being able to drift off and pretend like my life isn't about to be turned upside down, like maybe I've just had a nasty flu for the past 5 months.   I have to accept reality, dig out the right baby clothes, start arguing about names and finally deal with getting a bunk bed into WonderGirl's room and have them cohabitate.  Which is kind of a big deal, since they've had their own rooms since birth and the sweet Dude routinely wakes us up at all hours of the night by loudly belting out "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."  And then coughs, giggles and goes back to sleep.  WonderGirl is gonna LOVE that.

So many changes.  Ugh.

I honestly don't have a preference about what the gender is.  I have one of each and they are both so wildly different and amazing that I can hardly imagine the awesomeness of ANOTHER one.  I've been blessed far beyond what I deserve, and I'm down with whatever.

I do, however, have other preferences, or hopes.

I'd like a child who wears a hat.

I'd like a child who doesn't walk at 9 months - no, I take that back.  WHEN they walk is not the issue.  I'd like a child who doesn't HAVE to walk at 9 months because they have been so anxious to move that they've been writhing and screaming in my arms since they were 5 months old and when they FINALLY get blessed mobility, only use it for bolting away from me in public places.

I'd like a calm baby.  I wonder if I can get one of those?

I'd like one who potty trains themselves.  Don't roll your eyes at me - I've seen other kids who did it.  Not MINE.  But I know they exist.

If I do end up getting one who won't wear a hat, is violently mobile at a ridiculously early age, is extremely excitable and takes their darn sweet time figuring out their bowels, I'll survive.  I have two of those already, and they.  ROCK.

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The Pagets in Florida said...

We couldn't even get one of ours to take a bottle. I slept fine, but no so much for my better half.

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