Thursday, October 18, 2012

365 days 270-278

Reposting this just because it was day 270.  We're having a boy!  And aside from my own fears, I'm really, really thrilled.

 Cleaning, preparing for birthday week...

 It's her 6th birthday!!!

The party is about to descend upon us.  I'm either the best mommy ever, or the most insane.  18 screaming girls... and one hysterical Dude.

I took plenty of pictures this day, but when I finally took one of myself, it was awful.  So I used one I took earlier, and put it in Jack's mouth.  He's more attractive than me anyway.

Snuggle-y Sunday.

Overlooking Mt. Baby.
The most perfect birthday I could have ever asked for!  Does this Thailand temple-y structure make me look 33?

 Birthday swag!  Birthday clothes and a tripod.  yes, I've taken over 200 self-portraits without a tripod, but no more!!  My brilliant MIL got me one, wheeee!!!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Love them all! But mostly the picture of all the shoes...fantastic way to announce the gender!

This 365 thing is going well! (I am catching up majorly on all things blogging...hooray for internet!) Love how you are finding so many ways to take a picture of yourself!

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