Monday, October 22, 2012

32 in review

So I know I'm way behind, but last week DID involve a birthday, a MIL visit, a sick-child-puking day on Monday and again on Friday (how random??) and the usual mayhem.  I owe you a birthday year recap.  Actually, I don't because none of you really NEED it, but I suppose I do.  As usual, I shall begin my recap by saying how incredibly dull my life is compared to years past with all my travels and rock-star-ery that are NOT my daily routine anymore.

Ahem.  For the most part, I'll do this in pictures.  Because of my magnanimity.  Yeah, that's a word - the spelling fairies said so.

Halloween 2011 - the ladies were bats, the dudes were skeletons.  Highly successful, mainly home made.  Obviously.

Did our first official thingy as YW presidency.  Thank you, internets!

A GLORIOUS Thanksgiving in Colorado.  Seriously, my family rocks that holiday.

Hey, we're all in Colorado at the same time, let's take a picture!  And then we did.  And then it was a-flippin'-dorable.

Recorded a family Christmas album.  We're working on a set list for this year!  Any ideas?  We HOPE to even get the Dude on it this time, maybe singing or playing bells?  He's got a serious set of pipes and sense of rhythm!

Got some pretty jarring news about the husband's job, just before Christmas.  It was not a easy time.

Forced ourselves to enjoy Christmas anyway.  Pretty successfully too.  But it was quite the effort.

A Christmas miracle!!  NO SNOW!!!  Yessssssssss!!!!

I sewed the kids these pants for Christmas and they are STILL holding together!!!  Epic!!!

Started my 365 photo project on my 7th wedding anniversary.  Also have been married for 7 years.  !!!!!!

Threw another official YW-y thing.

Months of stress resolved with the husband taking a new job down in Madison.  The commute is awful, but the lack of uncertainty is a nice change of place.

We took this picture on Mother's Day.  And I declare it awesome.

Stayed up late into the night, and recorded an entire album with these fine folks just before our annual gig at the Scottish games in the north Georgia mountains.  I cannot describe how proud I am of that.

Found out I am expecting another human to expel itself from my uterus early next year.

Then the implications of this hit me as I realized I will be on my own to suffer through my usual post-partum-hell-on-earth months because my parents will be in China for a year.  $%^%$#.

Threw a family reunion for my whole fam in our house and survived!  17 people, and it was way too hot to be outside without puking.  And no one killed each other!!  AND threw a awesome surprise 40th anniversary shindig for my parents.  40 years!!!!

Parents went to China and now this is all I see of my mother.  %$#^$.

This cutie turned 3!!

This gal s becoming a seriously fab musician thanks to yours truly and her huge brains.

Canoed down the Baraboo river as a family.  Only one family member screamed the entire time, and it wasn't me!

Found out fetus number three is a man-child!

Got a tripod and continued to outgrow my pithy wardrobe.

And now, onto 33!


Elizabeth said...

Hooray!! I've been looking for this post EVERY DAY!! Love reliving your life! :)

Anonymous said...

Jared looks a bit like John Lennon in the guitar picture! Also where did you get the top in the bottom picture? I love long tops!

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