Thursday, October 25, 2012

365 days 279-286


I went for something interesting.  Something that screams "I'm a photographer!" or "I have a tripod!"  But it was still tricky to take the shot in the shower without the remote getting wet.

WonderGirl and I had pedicures and then had fun with computer magic.

Sundays are exhausting.  Here's a closeup of my manicure.
OoooOOOooooooOO!  Light painting!
Lighting experimenting going on.
I'm in there.  Hint:  it was a a long exposure.

The internet said I should look into a window for decent lighting.  But it failed to remind me I hadn't put on any make-up.

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Elizabeth said...

Actually that last photo is gorgeous! Your eyes are really poignant...I don't know, it looks really professional. I like it! Loved a lot of these actually.

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