Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ode to a Jane

Among other things, I am late on this year's Ode to Birthday Girl Jane but I will again make up for it in picture form.  Because that is my hobby for this year (I have WAAYYY too many pictures of everything), and I also got to actually SEE Jane twice this year, so I have photographic evidence of her awesomeness.  Also, she was NOT late on mine and it was so sweet it made my hormone-addled self cry.  Bravo, Jane!!!  Shall we begin?

 Happy birthday to an aunt who is willing to hold babies!!  As a beneficiary of this noble gift, I'm a HUGE fan!
 Happy birthday to a lady who makes this bro of mine so blasted happy!
 Happy birthday to a fabulous cook!!
 Happy birthday to a wonderful woman who is willing to be abused by this little bundle of crazy boy!  As evidenced in these pictures where we told her that we were going on a wee trip to a waterhole and she didn't need a swimsuit... but aforementioned boy insisted she get drenched playing with him, and she kindly acquiesced.

 Happy birthday to my very first sister!

 Happy birthday to a woman with a crazy sense of adventure!
 Happy birthday to a firecracker of a gal!
Happy birthday to a woman who REALLY appreciates Circus World!

And happy birthday to my lovely sister-in-law Jane who graciously endured this attempt at a photoshoot:

Happy birthday, Jane!!!!!!!!!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh my heck, LOVED the last three sooo much...the process of jumping into the first I was like 'what in the world are they doing'...and then I saw the last picture. Awesome!

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