Monday, October 29, 2012

NaBloPoMo anyone?

Anyone in this year?  I'm down, even though that's possibly insane.  Blog every day, plus my 365 photo thing?  No, I'm nuttier than that.  Our family blog looks pathetically lonely, so I'm going to update that too.   Masochism at its finest.

But NaBloPoMo saved my life back in 2006 after WG was born and I blogged my way through postpartum  depression.  I'll never forget all the e.mails and comfort I received from perfect strangers.  Blogging through November always puts a warm feeling in my heart, as well as keeping me sane as we gear up for snow and the holidays.

Who else is in it with me???


Jane said...

I'll be doing it this year.
I fully expect details about fully everything.

The Atomic Mom said...

I commit to participating in NaBloReMo -- that's national blog reading month and to read your blog every day, except the week of Thanksgiving, when I will be at my parents house, sans internet.

M Pepper Langlinais said...

I've got so many blogs/sites, I wouldn't know which one to pick for daily updates. My personal one, I suppose, except that's the one NOBODY reads. But I'll definitely be reading your stuff!

Natalie said...

First of all, you're gorgeous.

Secondly, I haven't been writing/reading with our move, but am feeling a little more grounded and think NaBloPoMo might get me back to my old self.
Great idea - thanks!

Love ya and congrats on Peanut #3!!!

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