Thursday, November 1, 2012

365 days 287-293

I was going for a Thing picture but couldn't manage to get it to work.  So I cheated and had the husband do it for me.  Thanks, husband!

 I went shopping and snagged a few fabulous dresses for $8 each.  Not maternity of course, since maternity clothing is awfulhorribleterrible.  Woohoo!

 Sunday shots tend to be taken in bed after a long day of family time.  The Dude joined me and did MuggaMugga on my nose repeatedly.  Dagnabit he's cute.


Hot apple cider will get me through this winter.  And pregnancy.

Creeeeepy Halloweeeennnny.
I found a great blog with lots of b&w shots for inspiration.  So there's this.

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