Thursday, November 29, 2012

365 days 320-322

Okay, so I cheated on this one.    But I'm IN is and I edited the tar out of it so I'm counting it.  It's actually from last summer.  I can't believe I'm so close to 365 - there are so many days that I just don't want to get in front of the camera, and I couldn't take another picture of my shoulder.
I like the perspective and the lighting on this one - plus the bit of the clock.
I am sure monochrome lately!  I put up a black background and tried to emulate a professional shot a friend just put on FB.  I think I mostly managed it - although my goal was to not over expose it too much, and at the very end this blue-yellow filter looked so good I couldn't help but use it.  I don't know if my photography skills are getting all that much better this year, but I'm learning some good tricks for editing.  And that's all you really need, right?  ;)

One thing I have learned though is there is a limit on total pictures you can publish on your blogger blogs.  Did you know that?  I've been posting for years on my family blog and this year has been FULL of my 365 shots and I never thought twice about it.  But all of the sudden I've hit the limit and I'm not allowed to post original sized shots and I have have to purchase most space... although so far, it lets me post resized pictures, which is kind of a hassle but I understand.  I wish I'd known about that before.  I've used lots of platforms in my 12+ years blogging and I've learned Blogger is the most accessible for me, so I'll muddle through.

And now, because that paragraph was so boring, here is a picture I found on Pinterest that made me laugh and then I imagined head Jane yelling that it was totally wrong and punching her computer in the face and then I laughed some more:

Haw.  love you Jane!

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Jane said...

Except for the scientific evidence against it, that is so true and cats totally think that.

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