Friday, November 30, 2012

thank heavens for rockin' husbands

I had a terrible nightmare last night.  I blame CJane.  I've been reading her life story and have been mildly interested, although some of her rationale and choices had me scratching my head.  It all came to a point the other day when she posted the outcome of those misguided choices - an abusive relationship-turned marriage.  She tells it well.  So well in fact, that it's just haunting me - all the times I've been in less-than-stellar situations and the places those choices have taken me - and how I thankfully ended up somewhere far better than I deserve.  Holy snap I'm so thankful for my life, and how I'm miles away from where I ever thought I'd be.

My nightmare was awful, but strangely like my own decision to marry - although I was terrified but went through with it because I knew more than anything that despite my fear, this was something that was right and I had to do it.  In my nightmare I was engaged to a mysterious and angry person and wandered my parent's house on my wedding day, trying to find a way out of this horrible situation.  It didn't help that I have a raging sore throat that kept me waking up in a panic.  When I woke up from it all finally, I realized where I was and I was already married to the best guy in the universe.  Do you ever have mornings like that?  Oh, the relief!!

There isn't a huge point to this, just that being sealed to a honest, brilliant and loving partner is the greatest thing there is.  I hope you know exactly what I mean :)

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Jane said...

Holy freaking cow, what a terrible story and a horrible way to have to come to that realization!
No wonder you were having nightmares.

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