Friday, November 23, 2012

Updating on my phone. Family is still here, and we're about to have the annual sushi party. But I'm taking a moment to share with you the funniest craigslist posting I've ever seen. Tou're welcome!


The Pagets in Florida said...

I think I might start crying. But try reading it out loud with the voice of Rex from Napoleon Dynamite. It makes it better.

The Pagets in Florida said...

Just in case the post goes down, may it live forever in bloggerdom.

Legend has it that one fateful night, in the late 60's, an M-48 battle tank and a Unicorn made love and produced this fine International Harvester Tow truck. Many think the Statue of Liberty was brought here on a boat. WRONG!! Some guy named Tony, from Jersey, went to France, hooked the copper broad up to the Ol' Iron Horse and drug it across the Atlantic sea floor.

Do you like tires? The Iron Horse has 6 of them! Do you like buttons and levers? The Iron Horse has a crap ton of them! Do you like baby blue tow trucks? This is one! Do you hate running motors? The Iron Horse doesn't have one! Do you like hand painted pictures of robot horses? This has TWO of them!! Ron Swanson would want you to buy this truck!!
Comes with a bin full of spare parts. Make an offer so my friends wife doesn't divorce him. It probably doesn't even have to be a reasonable offer. If you buy this truck I'll get free home cooked lasagna for a year! I LOVE LASAGNA!!!

Jane said...

Crazy stuff!
Why doesn't the wife like the truck? It's awesome.

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