Monday, November 26, 2012

365 days 314-319

I took this with the remote.  We took a great bunch of pictures with the help of a tripod, remote and a set of dancing grandparents in the background.  It was totally spontaneous - the husband came home early and since I'd mentioned how I wanted to take a family picture before the weather got bad, told us to get dressed and head down the street to Circus World.  Not bad, I say!
Resting with the sexiest man alive.  This amazing soul made Thanksgiving dinner for us all.  Ain't I the luckiest??
Jamming with the crew on sushi night.
Spent almost the entire day in bed.  Sweet husband picked up much slack.  I watched a documentary on PSY and most of the Star Wars movies!
Got up at 6am, drove 3 hours to Iowa for a baby blessing, had some church and lunch, then got back before bedtime.  Oh thank heavens for Veggie Tales and functioning portable DVD players!!
Gearing up to deck our wee halls today!

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Jane said...

Look at you! Almost complete with the 365 deal.
I really like the family photos. Great color and it doesn't look posed.
Also, how far is Iowa from you? It always sounds far, far away to me (-Iowa-) but if you can do it in a single day...

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