Monday, November 12, 2012

my kids: the human-aholics

This is going to sound wrong coming from a person who generally doesn't enjoy the company of children except for my own... sometimes - but - what do you do with parents or kids who don't like your kids?

That sounds harsh.  Of course everyone adores my children.  Who couldn't??

I mean, really.  These kids amuse the heck out of me.  I woke up with heartburn and nausea last night, and the poor Dude was obviously nightmare-ing.  He was mumbling something for a while then started asking for his plug, so I came in to find it for him.  When I opened the door, he started pretending to snore.  Wait - it's funnier than it sounds.  Lemme try that again.

The Dude: Mmmmmungh.  Whazza noo.  Noo.  FFfffffffft.  I needa my yellow.

Enter me.

The Dude: Uh ...  Hhhhhhngh shhhhhh. Hhhhhhngh shhhhhh. Hhhhhhngh shhhhhh. 

Okay, trust me, at 1am that's hilarious.

Anywho, back to the point.  Have you ever gone to a play date and all the kids disappear in a fit of giggles? Those are awesome.  But have you had others where the kid turns to their mom and asks them why the crazy boy is talking to them?  Or when the parent does everything they can to keep your crazy child away from theirs?  Those aren't the fun play dates.  And what if it's a parent friend you actually have to interact with all the time, and it's just awkward that their kid just doesn't want to be around yours?

And then your have my confused kid who doesn't understand why I'm asking him to not make eye contact with the other child when he's like BUT IT'S A KID!!  THOSE IS MY PEOPLES!!  I can throw all the toys I want at my kids, but all they want is other humans.  I'm kind of nervous that the Dude is going to love the new baby Lenny-style.  Eep.

It does make me all the more grateful for the friends we've made along the way who genuinely and completely love my kids.  It's such a blessing.  I in turn try my brains out to love other kids, but it's so much easier for me if they have a violin in their hands and do exactly as I say.  I'm a much better violin teacher than... well, anything else.  Just ask WG :)

But really - what do you do?


Elizabeth said...

You are the best skipper around Walmart I have ever seen. Remember that? :) Seriously, multi-talented. Violin rockstar and skipper.

And you are super amazing at this mommyhood thing. Frankly, I'm a bit intimidated thinking that I may still have a shot at it (the mommy thing) and I have you to compare myself with. My poor children, I am going to be living up to your standard and won't even come close. I am not even kidding. You, my dear, are an incredible Mom.

Jane said...

Do you HAVE to stay and play if the kids aren't getting along?
Can't you just say, 'eh, seems they're not compatible at this time, we'll try again in six months?'
Or, 'you're a psycho mother and I don't want my kids near you anymore.'
Either way.

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