Tuesday, November 13, 2012

365 days 303-306

In our relationship, I am not the responsible one.  Except for Saturday, when I went through the mail (that I don't understand) and totally weeded it out.  Grown up me!
Twas raining.
I found the best place in the house for lighting, and messed around with a backdrop.  And then I listened to some really good music and wanted to know what it looks like when I hear that killer awesome high C that Stuart Duncan plays on Attaboy.  It looks like this.

I went somewhere!!  It's so hard to have inspiration to take pictures when I'm ALWAYS at home or have my arms full of children.  But today a super awesome friend invited me over for lunch and there are train tracks by her house, so I took my pregnant butt, camera and tripod down the street and took the risk of getting arrested for trespassing so I could look artsy-fartsy.  Mission accomplished!

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Jane said...

What do you not understand about mail?
Some old dude brings random paper to the house and it requires you pay more money or throw it out.
The end.

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