Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pinterest Party!

So we all adore Pinterest, right?  I personally converted just about all the women at church into full Pinterest-addicts and I love seeing what they pin, then taking to them about what they actually tried.  Pinterest - it even makes conversations!  Is there anything it can't do??  One of my friends had a brilliant idea that we should have a party where everyone has to make something they found on Pinterest and another awesome friend did the hard work of actually nailing down a date and hosting it.  I used it as an opportunity to work on my photography, and since it's a slow Sunday, that's whatcha get for this post.  I wish I could add links to recipes, but wouldn't it be more fun to try and find them on Pinterest yourself?  Of course!  (heh.  laziness maintained.)

This was my contribution.  It's marshmallow popcorn - basically Rice Krispie treats but with popcorn instead of cereal.  I got it from a recipe to make popcorn balls, but this is easier, and no one got sick from it, shocker!  Although there were a few near misses of breaking teeth on unpopped kernels, but thankfully my poor cooking skills are notorious enough that the ladies approached this dish with caution and were prepared.

Caramel apple cupcakes.  I'm kind of proud of this picture, and she should be proud of these cupcakes.   Adorable AND delicious!  YUM.

This was the only thing I couldn't eat from the night - chocolate lava cake.  Pregnancy and chocolate don't work for me, ugh.  But I was assured this was heavenly.

Our hostess made this - bacon wrapped chicken.  DUDE.  SO GOOD.

This was a chicken/pasta/green salad that was just right.  We didn't plan on who should bring desserts or entrees, but we totally lucked out and there was a perfect balance.  And also, I'll eat just about anything with fresh Parmesan on it.

Oh.  my. word.  This shrimp, people.  It was the easiest recipe - nothing but melted butter, lemon, shrimp and Italian dressing mix baked for 15 minutes at 350.  I have this memorized because it was so good I went back for 3rds, finished it up and begged her to repeat the recipe until I committed this to my long term memory.  That.  good.

I didn't commit the recipe to this to memory, but I did eat like half of them.  Parmesan potatoes, thank you cheese gods.

This is out lovely hostess and the gifts she made us.  Yeah, she has 4 boys, made bacon wrapped chicken for us AND made these adorable skeleton thingys!  We're not worthy!!

Edible marker on marshmallows, white chocolate covered pretzels and brownies, all cutesy and junk.  If i can't be crafty, at least I have friends like her!

I got photography practice AND fed the most amazing meal.  We ate and had the most hilarious conversations.  Then we decided we should do this as often as possible.  I'll let you know when the next time is, you can come and enjoy too.  I may be a cruddy cook, but thank heavens I have good taste in friends!

You can totally steal this idea, by the way.  PINTEREST PARTY.  It's a thing now!

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Padme said...

Genius. You need to come here and throw one and maybe I'd let myself get on pinterest and make something.

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