Saturday, November 3, 2012

the m-word

I posted this to FB this morning:
Yes.  yes this happened.  And I am not done on this subject, so you, fair blog reader have walked right into a rant.  Luckyyyy!!

There's a few things amiss with this.  There's the assertion that all moms must obviously be completely clueless as to popular culture, but the way he said it honestly sounded like my favorite quote from the fabulous Mom Jeans SNL sketch - "You're not a woman anymore - you're a MOM!"

If we are going to be going around tossing around coolness points, this poor 20 year old kid had a deficit compared to my hard-earned coolness everything.  Wait - is it massively uncool to talk about how cool you are?  Whatever.  I'm awesomesauce.

And then there's the tiny fact that that song came out when he was 11.  I was 23.  Because I was GOING to be a mom in the upcoming years, should I have then been preemptively living under a rock in preparation of my future career?  Blarg.  Blarg, I say!

I wish I had had some witty comeback to punch the poor elder with, but instead I sputtered a whole bunch of "Huh??  What the..??" witticisms about while the husband pretended he hadn't heard anything, just to be safe.

Honestly, I was doing okay back in 2003, but I'm loving my life in 2012.  I own my choice to be in bed by 10, and I also own that I do not wear Mom Jeans and my taste in music kicks butt.

And this morning, while I was snuggling with the kids, I turned on the front-facing function of my snazzy new iPhone and nabbed this shot of the kids:

If that isn't cool I don't wanna be.  But I am, so nyah.  And then because the idea of seeing themselves on a tiny screen was so high-larious, I had to take a video of their reaction.

Why yes, I AM this awesome AND I have also expelled multiple humans from my uterus.  Shocking, huh??


Elizabeth said...

Yes, in fact, you ARE awesomesauce!!! And Hooray for that lovely fact!

M Pepper Langlinais said...

I have perfected the kind of quelling stare that sends others running for cover when they say something that displeases me. Elizabeth II can't do it any better than I can.

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