Thursday, November 8, 2012

sacre blues

I don't really enjoy sitting at home watching election results because it's just too nerve-wracking.  This year I had a pretty nifty distraction lined up - a friend invited me to sit in with his blues band at the local Democratic party shindig, and it was fun to be an observer of people who were deeply involved in their local politicking.  And then I got to play some blues with a really, really sick band.     

I'd voted for some of the people they were supporting, and not for some others, and then wrote in the husband's name for every other uncontested city council seat. Everyone was so passionate and nice, and I wondered how their local GOP counterpart was celebrating.  I would have felt equally at ease at either party, but I don't think I could ever feel like I belonged to either one.  I was a little envious because I wish I could just whole-heartedly accept the platform of either party and belong.  Belonging is a nice feeling.  Especially because the party was full of aging hippies who knew how to get down and dance to the blues with reckless abandon and that's always fun to watch.

The next day I woke up to the election results and a facebook feed full of WE WON!!!  IN YO' FACE, JERKS!! and dire scriptural references predicting doom and gloom.  My picks had both lost and won, although where I live, had I voted a straight party ticket I think all my picks would have all been the winners. 

I had determined to not get too emotionally involved since I'm slightly volatile and not-so-slightly pregnant (the two are related) so I was able to keep an even keel.  I am glad I got to observe the people in the trenches though, and be thankful there are people willing to be in the trenches to keep this country going.  I'm way too emotional to ever get involved in local politics.  Can you imagine if I got a position on a board and someone disagreed with me?  I think we can all agree I'd hide under the table bawling, then bite their ankles.

 Much thanks to husband for snapping pictures.  Hopefully I didn't hit too many wrong notes and they'll let me hang out with them again.  I probably shouldn't lose my chops until AFTER all that college I took is paid for :)

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SeanUNT said...

I wish I could have heard this. I bet that party was a blast! For election night, I just sat at home and allowed myself to feel a tiny bit smug, haha. Watching Fox News was also a lot of fun.

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