Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the potty dance of joy

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I told you I was going nuts on my new iPhone.  This one app - (that's a link to the few I made so far) makes cute, addicting little gifs from your videos.  And how was I supposed to resist snagging this snippet of my Dude doing his happy potty dance in his cool stars underwear around the kitchen??   Yes, I blocked off my day for today and tomorrow so I could finally attempt this potty training thing.  And only a few hours in, I'm doing the same dance.  Thanks to massive amounts of juice and snacks, he has gone to the bathroom so many times I lost count and has been asking for the potty instead of having accidents.  I have a timer, but he keeps politely asking for the bathroom before the timer goes off.  There is nothing that snazzy underpants and massive amounts of attention won't do for this adorable little boy.

This morning  a few minutes into the initiative, dear WonderGirl took on the responsibility to supervising him on his potty while I took a shower, and slipped this note under my door, complete with an aerial shot of the potty contents for me.  I didn't realize potty training would actually make me fall in love with these kids even MORE.  Pee and poop, who knew??

Now, I know this is a long haul, and tomorrow is always a new day, but today, let's all do the potty dance today, shall we?


Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, I was scrolling down reading the posts that I missed, scrolled back up and THEN saw the actual potty dance of joy. A-DOR-A-BLE. SERIOUSLY!!! What a cutie!! Love love love.

Ok, said my fill. Not really, but, you know I love your kiddos.

SeanUNT said...

Both the dance and the evidence drawing were hilarious! I was the king of weird goofy dances when I was a kid. They're all over every Christmas video.

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