Friday, December 14, 2012

365 days 323-337

I'm in there.  This job is never done!
Snuggling with WonderGirl.
I love my Dude.
Got some new shoes!!!  Those are the old ones.  Unfortunately, I had to return the new ones because they did weird stuff to my arches.  I REALLY need some comfortable, GOOD shoes that don't look orthopedic or athletic.  Suggestions???
This sums up my relationship with the camera this year.

Setting up for a photoshoot I did for the girls at church.  I shall NEVER achieve a decent bokeh!
Mwha Mwha.
Hiding from the kids.
Melts.  I love WonderGirl!
This is what being YW president looks like.  I was at the church churching for hours to make this happen, and it ended up awesomesauce.
Almost missed it!  We'd already been in bed about a half hour before this...

Meeting our dear friend Pascal's dad and almost-bride in Portland.  Woohoo!
Nice day for a wedding, n'est pas?
Spent most of the day travelling and then rushed the kids to play our annual family Christmas concert at the nursing home.  Exhausted, but loverly all around!

Would I have preferred to get my face in focus?  Yes.  Do I have the energy to make that happen?  Neope.


Cathie said...

Re: bokeh. Is your aperture as wide as it will go?

Jane said...

Tell us about the Black/White event and then tell us why 10:07 is a big deal?

Master P said...

Sigh, yes. I think the camera just needs to be farther away.

Master P said...

The YW thing was for Evening of Excellence, where we barely eeked out a win due to the fact that none of the girls had done any personal progress all year and the point is to honor them for doing that. So we invited ladies in the ward who had completed their PP as teens to talk about their experiences. That was my counselor's idea - pure inspiration. And the time has no significance, except that's when I woke up in a panic and realized I'd almost forgotten a pic that day and used my phone to take a pic of the only light source in the room and my thumb.

The Atomic Mom said...

Do you have high arches or low arches? I have high arches....if you can get some custom orthodics made in a podiatrists office for your arches. When I'm working around the house I wear Reebox. When I'm out and about I wear Eastland shoes. I don't know what style they are, or the name, they're just slip ons, look good with jeans or whatever. I also like Born shoes as well. Very comfy. Good luck with your feet...oh my feet, the story of my life will begin and end with my feet.

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