Monday, January 7, 2013

365 days 349-362 uh... that ain't right...

Eeep!  I was in bed and snapped this just before I fell asleep.  Yes, I was in bed that early.  Be jealous.

I'm having too much fun with this lens.  Check out that depth of focus, man!!
Legos.  I learned that making an S in legos is VERY difficult.  But a duck is a cinch.

This was a quickie shot I took in the theater just before The Hobbit began.  Yeah, we got out and went to a movie!  It's even cooler that except for weekend nights, tix for all the first run shows are $5.  Nice, huh?
On my grand birthday shopping spree, I got myself this sweater that I positively adored and then LOST.  It's so soft and snuggly and soft and snuggly!!  We bought a new mattress after 8 years of sleeping on one that had two REALLY pronounced dents in it and the husband found this lurking in between the mattress and frame.  Oh happy day!
Yep, we watched an episode of Eureka on Netflix and were asleep by 10 on NYE.  I call that a win.  Have you seen Eureka by the way?  It's a series from the SyFy channel that's actually really good.  As long as you get past the interesting acting in the first episode - I was convinced they were all awkward Canadians, but they really came into their own and it's a fabulous show.

We put up our luau decor (thanks to Aunt Jane!) and partied hard.  Or at least TRIED really hard to keep the Dude from popping the inflatable coconut tree.
Used the new lens to take a fun picture with the old one.  Which is still an awesome lens.
This is in my job description.  I checked.
At the hospital, listening to the fetuses random heartbeat. 
I feel like my whole life is moving among this clutter that I have no idea how to control.  I don't even shop for things other than food lately because I have no idea where to put everything.  Where does that printer go?  Which guitar case fits that guitar?  And where on earth should all these books we don't ever read go??
I got to snuggle with this sweetheart after church and then I got a NAP.  What a flippin' awesome Sunday!

Hey baby - you listening??  I'm at 33 weeks now.  Ulp.

Also, it appears I have my numbers wrong on where I actually am.  I will hit 366 on Jan 15th... Aaron, Katherine, want to do the math and tell me what day I'm on?  :)


Anonymous said...

Your comments hate me. Boo.


The Pagets in Florida said...

You have completed 358 days.

Master P said...

I knew I could count on your brains!!!

Master P said...

Ugh. Blogger commenting web-protocol whatever's are my nemesis.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha maybe it'll work for me tonight. ;)

I kinda wish my kids had Aunt Jane. Just sayin'. And, I wish we were neighbors or something because your awesome kids + my awesome kids...well. I don't think the universe could handle it, but I'd love to see what happens! :)

Good luck on baby stuff! Mine is rocking to Bach at the moment (in a chair, but hey). Good times!


Jane said...

Love your picture with the rabbit! Also the headphones on the fetus.

Anonymous said...

Say what was baby listening to via da headphones???
Play it again when he's 6 months and see if he recognizes the music. That's what they did in a research project. And whoda thunk...the babes recognized the tunes they heard in utero. Hope it was music worth recognizing...and remembering. :)

Gabby said...

Conrgats on almost finishing your 365!! (AND wanting to do another! Phew!)

I'm taking on a Project 52 this year. Much more easy on the life....^_^

(And I'm blogging again. I think.) ^_^

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