I'm on husband-ordered bed rest as I overdid myself last week and my body thinks it is time to expel my lodger a week earlier than my mother in law can come help. I was up half the night with contractions two nights ago and most movement has sent my belly into a tizzy, so I'm bed bound. I have to walk around slowly like I'm moving through oatmeal to keep the contractions at bay. I don't think I can keep him in for a whole week, but I can try a little while longer.


heidi said…
you're cute. that's all.
Padme said…
Yay bed rest!!!!! If you keep your legs crossed real tight, you'll make it a week, right? I tried to call you to make sure you hadn't expelled said lodger yet but your phone was turned off. :( I hope that means you're storing up on sleep. I love you!!!!!
Jane said…
Think closed doors and road blocks

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