Wednesday, March 20, 2013

and yet

No positive thinking can cover the fact that my entire wardrobe is meant for someone 20 lbs less than I am.

I don't think I'll ever wear jeans again.


Cathie said...

I just bought maternity pants that are easily the most trendy, stylish jeans I've ever owned. Besides the stretchy belly panel, of course. Might as well keep wearing your maternity clothes.

Jane said...

Jeans suck anyway. They get cold and tay cold for a long time.
Yoga pants are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

NYDJ.....they work for me :D

@StateofKate said...

Who told you you're supposed to fit into jeans a few weeks after having a baby?! What a totally crazy idea! :)

You look like you've bounced back with your other pregnancies pretty quickly--give your body a chance and don't worry about it yet!

Congrats on the little guy. I'm thinking good thoughts for you while you struggle through this darkness.

Master P said...

Saith the short girl. Tall ladies and maternity clothes - especially jeans - do not mix.


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