Friday, March 22, 2013

mmmmmm. hhhhhhmmmmm.

Today did not begin well. Although technically, I don't think yesterday ever ended since I was up almost constantly last night, and when I finally thought he was asleep, 30 seconds later the Dude came out of his room and announced it was morning. And 6:17am kind of is, I guess.

But at least Thing 3 was asleep! Nope. 5 minutes later Down By The Riverside was blasted from the piano downstairs by WonderGirl and her cousin dancing. Cue angry baby. Who then deposited the entire contents of his stomach on my torso.

I decided to try to be positive. Except just now T3 peed all over my legs. So... that ship may have sailed.

Ahhhh. Thanks for the vent. I'll be okay. Maybe tomorrow. As long as I can get T3 to burp or fart. Apparently my happiness or at least my well-relatedness depends on whether he'll do one of those things.

PS. It was also very annoying all night to have Mumford and Sons' Awake My Soul in my head so I couldn't sleep in between baby times. Ugh. Dumb irony.


Mary said...

Why do baby boys pee every time you take off their diaper? When mine was a baby his changing table was next to a mirror that was attached to an entire wall in his room, and I cleaned pee off of that mirror hundreds of times. Maybe dozens. But still.

Jane said...

@Mary - it has to do with cooler air on certain parts and the fact said part is moveable. Girls pee often as well but it's usually on the diaper pad or clean diaper. Less dramatic that way.

The Pagets in Florida said...

We used to keep a cloth diaper on the changing table. When we would remove one diaper, we would quickly cover up the fire hose with the cloth diaper. It saved the work of finding where it all went.

Master P said...

Well of course. But this kid has some seriously powerful pee. And that is as far as I will elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Erma Bombeck channeling !!!!
Sista, you got skills. And plenty of 'material' to draw on.
Good writers need good 'material' and looks like you have decades of it for our reading...and your writing pleasure.
Most Excellent.

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