see you soon. maybe.

3 days until November and NaBloPoMo, which after 7 years, has started to become the month I make up for being a cruddy blogger.  In my defense, I haven't just dropped the ball on blogging, but just about everything else too.  My house is in complete ruins all the time, my meals have actually gotten worse and I look like a crazy cat lady.  But dagnablt, the kids are on time to school every day, read far above their age level and both play violin and piano - and the baby is a giggling, vomit-covered mess.  In one piece, even!  It should feel really good that I'm taking care of the important things but the constant chaos is makes me a bipolar mess.  YAY I'M A GOOD MOM!  ugh everything is a mess I'm the worst human being ever. YAY THE DUDE CAN DRAW A QUARTER NOTE!  I want to burn this house down because I can't figure out where to put this sack of wires and electrical switches.  It's a little exhausting.

Anywho, so WonderGirl is now a 2nd grader.  Her previous 1st grade spelling words came home and the 4 year old Dude was able to do her homework.  The words included AT, WHAT, HERE.  Yeah.  So she came home with her 2nd grade list this week and the words included INTERESTED, EXERCISE, PROLONG and COMPREHEND.  You'd better believe I was panicking.  I know she's up to it, but I didn't realize there would be such a steep upgrade and I can't spell exercise.  I had to have spell check fix that BOTH times I typed it.  

Her teacher calmed me down and informed me this was not average 2nd grader words, but words that are just right for WG. PHEW.  I genuinely hope she's as smart as the test scores say because there is no way I'll be able to help her with her homework by next month.  Maybe week.


Cathie said…
Yeah, those aren't normal second grade words. And how does your family feel about beans? I made chicken taco soup a couple weeks ago in the crockpot and it changed my life!
Jane said…
I do wonder at the logic of having people wait until they are done with school to have children who then have to go to school and by then it's been so many years that parents forget how to do homework! I really worry - if I ever get to have kids - that I won't remember the alphabet...I'm gonna run through it right now just in case.
Jane said…
Cathy: I think you should post the recipe for your chicken taco soup because I *love* my new crock pot and want to make all my meals in it.
The Atomic Mom said…
So, catch me up...did WG skip a grade? Did I miss that?

And blogging, I love it more than anything. Facebook has totally ruined blogging. I feel your pain right there. My hair looked like dirty Velcro today it was so wild.
Master P said…
Yeah. Also, I want pictures.

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