Tuesday, October 22, 2013

some more stuffs

So. Dang. Tired. It's a decent tired. It's the tired of having so much fun your brain wants to explode and then grappling with a 4 year old whose least offensive behavior lately has been eating toothpaste. 

I'm just gonna bullet point this because I'm typing this in my phone. The computer is all the way on the other side of the couch and I'm tired, so brevity is key. 

WonderGirl turned this many:
Those are chocolate chips, bytheby, not bugs. The massive party of 20 screaming kids was a raging success. I mean seriously, check out this cake:
Heck yes, cake!  At some point I will make my way to the other side of the couch where the pics are stored and show you pics of the mad scientist shindig, but that day is not today. 

Then a few days later, I turned more of the 30. My mom was here (first time together on my bday since 1996!) and fulfilled my birthday wish, which was cleaning out the kid's closets. BEST MOM EVAR. 

Also, that was the day WG moved from 1st grade to 2nd grade. I wish I had a crystal ball to let me know how happy we'll be with our decision years from now, but after meeting with all the teachers and coaches and all around awesome humans who are willing to teach other people's children all day, it felt right. If you have any specific questions, ask away, because I don't really have any idea what else to say on the topic. Except that I'm SO crazy thankful my mom was here for all of that - besides just watching my other humans so we could go undisturbed to meetings and also to hug me and tell me I was not a loon. Also, prayer rocks. 

THEN I headed to God's Country (aka Georgia) because my band got booked to play the Stone Mountain Highland Games!!  Usually I just get my one magnificent weekend in June when we play the Blairsville games, but this was a bonus weekend, and an extra treat because my rockstar in-laws came to cheer me on.  Mom2 is trooping through another round of chemo and is doing it in style :)

I'll just spam you with a few of the gazillion shots and selfies stuffed into my phone over the weekend:

HEAVEN. I am so blessed to know musicians this awesome who let me play with them AND are such fabulous humans that I fawn all over them like a crazy person. 

Now, back to reality. It's a pretty great reality, but it's definitely reality. Take this afternoon, when I picked up the kids from school and they charged me, declaring their love and how I am the best mom ever and then spent a good portion of the evening angrily screaming at all the things. 

At least they practiced violin and piano. That makes me far less homicidal. Still, I have to go hide the toothpaste. Gah. 

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Jane said...

First, those are some HUGE sunglasses!!
Second, why can't he eat toothpaste? Isn't it good for his teeth?
Also, fantastic adventure in the playing violin!! Awesome.

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