Tuesday, November 12, 2013

catchphrase! here!

One of the best bits of advice I have for someone moving to a teeny tiny Midwest town is to go to the library. Often. Schedule your week around story time for the mini humans. Religiously. Schedule swim lessons in the summer around them. It's worth it. Get on a first name basis with the librarians.  Check out an obscene amount of books every week, even if the handles rip off your bag. Ask the librarians for book suggestions about issues your kids are facing.  Even if your children aren't perfect, keep going.  Even if one time you are having a delightful conversation with one of the librarians and your 3 year old son walks past you and the entire Babygarten story time with NO PANTS ON.  Completely nude from the waist down like it's totally normal. YES THAT HAPPENED. But whatever, just go. It's free and there are lovely locals to get to have nice awkward conversations with because you can't remember their name. And if they have a holiday origami class for anyone 7 years old and up, go!  Even if you and your daughter walk in half an hour late because you can't read a calendar, there will be plenty of nice old ladies to get you up to speed. 
Libraries. It's a.. um... I need a good catchphrase for libraries. While I figure that out, you go check out a bunch of Elephant and Piggie books. Because you can. Hey, that's it!  Libraries: Because You Can!

Oh, whatever. I dare you to do better. 

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Jane said...

I want you to tell the naked story. That sounds promising.
Being married to a librarian and sister to another I fully support them.

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