Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I currently have 4 unfinished posts just sitting in Draft status because I never have enough time to sit down and coherently form anything. I never like to post and dash - I spew things out, then stop and comb them over until I feel like what I meant can be heard though all of the letters and commas and gobbledygook.  So for now, they are unfinished.  I'll get there.

But there's the hours of a day spent picking up, practicing instruments, wiping bottoms and cleaning vomit off of small humans, and those few precious minutes after they are asleep where the husband and I bake chocolate chip cookies and watch a show or two together - they all add up so that there's very little time for combing and clarifying.

This I CAN do though - post my yearly anniversary video with little explanation beside how this year, like every other year, I vowed would be my last year to slave in front of an angry computer and fiddle with timing and pictures, and then when it FINALLY came together, decided it was all worth it.   OH - but this year there is something different - I used Animoto to change up the appearance.  I still had to use Windows Movie Maker to patch and tape everything together, but I was SO glad to have more options than the 90s era video effects WMM still uses.  So, shiny!

The first song is one we've loved together since we've known each other but never felt like it belonged to a year until this one, and the second is a fun song the kids are obsessed with.  Enjoy, dang it!!

Nine. from Reva Kuzmich Paget on Vimeo.

. . . .

Also, I just have to share this brilliantly written post by Meg Fee.  She is a fabulous blogger in her mid-20s living in New York, and she was supposed to go to Paris last weekend but she didn't.  Her post about it is just amazing.  I want to send it to all my single girlfriends and save a copy to show WonderGirl when she's older.  And maybe find a time machine and send it back to my own mid-20s.


Jane said...

You guys are insane but in the coolest possible way. Makes me jealous to the max.

Elizabeth said...

Yay!!! Love these videos.

That blog post. I love that blog post so much. I need to keep that for myself. Big time.

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...