Thursday, December 26, 2013


You know how people keep going on about how we should simplify Christmas because they do too much and it's just too busy and crazy?  I'm not one of those people.  Keep everyone's expectations down, that's what I say!  So Christmas is always rockin'.

Although Christmas Eve was a little more hectic than usual.  Thing 3 is 9 months - already walking halfway across the room - and is only just now getting his two front teeth, but it's going so slowly the poor guy has back and blue gums and something called an eruption cyst.  Nice, huh?  So he was hysterical, and it was the saddest kind of hysterical you've ever seen.  Then out of the blue, the Dude got a crazy high temperature and was out like a light.  He was shaking and breathing hard, so the husband slept on the floor next to his bed to keep an eye on him.

THAT is the kind of crazy we have.  Thank heavens it was just us this Christmas.

Okay, I did one semi-intensive thing - I sewed the kids jammie pants like I do every year because they are easy enough that I can do one pair in less than 30 minutes (this tutorial is da bomb).  But yesterday WonderGirl started begging me to do an applique type thing with the extra material and a t-shirt.  Usually I'm pretty honest about my lack of ability, but she was seriously persuasive (read: big eyes) so I attempted it, and from a distance, it doesn't look like a blind person did it.  My sewing machine is not the dainty type so it spazzed out and tangled and broke thread over and over, but I managed it (plus a generous amount of Heat n' Bond) and am overly impressed with myself.  The poor machine was $50 and spazzes out because I treat it poorly, but in a pinch it attaches one thing to another and that's all I needs.

You know what needs to happen?  An instagram to blogger app.  You hear that, internets??  DOOO EEET.


Jane said...

Merry Christmas!
Hopefully everyone made it through okay.
Now to move on to New Year's.

heidi said...

Wow mom! I bake for days beforr Christmas. Crazy is holiday!

Pisceanchick said...

Love the appliqued tshirt and the pants!

Anonymous said...

You know a woman is drop-dead-gorgeous when you can only see ⅓ of her face and she is stunningly beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

You know what I do to stick one piece of fabric to another? Fabric glue.

I own a sewing machine. And by watching a youtube video about 4237394 times...I figured out how to thread it. Once. Have I ever actually used the dang machine?

(the answer is in the negative...)

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