this is my day job.

I think it is all important that everyone know that this picture is all Thing 3's fault.

Because of his raging toddler ways, violin and piano lessons have been almost impossible.  He climbs on top of the keyboard whenever he hears it, and has figured out how to grab a downbow and has almost managed to run off with one.

BUT THEN.  I CAME UP WITH THIS.  And we cranked up the keyboard stand so you can only play it sitting on a stool - the one sitting device Thing 3 can't climb.   Mwahahahaaa!!!!!  Violin and piano are back, baby!!!  EVERYTHING ROCKS.

Yeah, I know. I need another outlet.


klutzy k said…
I love it all so much.
Jane said…
I'm sure it makes practicing more interesting for the kids.
Elizabeth said…
This makes me so happy. I love your family.

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