Wednesday, May 21, 2014

yo wazzup pinterest

Welcome to another edition of Stuff I Found on Pinterest That Ended Up Being Awesomesauce!  This time I've even added a coupla phone pics of the end product to show what they look like in the real world.  Or at least in the Reva barely-passable world.  But they still worked, so booya!

I love cilantro but I never end up using all of it.  I hate HATE throwing away wilted cilantro.  It's seriously depressing.  So I went searching for solutions and found a nice recipe for a cilantro-lime pesto with directions to freeze it for later.  I froze it in an ice cube tray (I only had star shaped) and defrosted a few the next time we had fish tacos and it was super yummy.  Plus it made me feel 14 kinds of cool so that's nice.

We made a sugar scrub in my MOPS group and it was the simplest ingredient list ever - so I had to make my own when it was all gone.  2 ingredients - lavender scented baby oil and sugar.  It was super exfoliating and my legs appreciated the whole 28 seconds it took to mix it all up.

I've mentioned before that I make my own laundry detergent, but I was never comfortable making dishwashing detergent with Borax.  I found a recipe without it AND directions for making them into individual tabs.  So far it's worked out great, it took less than 5 minutes to make them and again, I get the added bonus of feeling cool about myself.

Moms love pictures of their kids and grandkids.  With my mom breaking her leg this winter, I thought that she'd like some wearable pictures for Mother's Day while she laid on the couch.  I found lots of tutorials that involved clear stones and Mod Podge and a lot of other things I could totally see myself screwing up, but then I found this tutorial that used Epiphany Crafts adhesive bubbles with charms to match.  I went to Walmart to get the supplies to make the bracelet and ordered the Epiphany stuff on Amazon - with the usual result of me being overly proud of myself.

A few other things of awesome note:

Ken Jennings Junior Genius guide books are super great and WonderGirl approved.  We're digging the geography one lately.

Three great FHE lessons we've used were this one for Lehi's Dreamthis one for the Plan of Salvation and this one on testimonies.

Lastly, I used this diy body wrap a little while after having Thing 3 and it helped my body feel a little more like myself.  I didn't notice losing inches off my waist (maybe a centimeter or two, just water weight), but it tightened up my skin and that felt heavenly, post-baby.

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Jane said...

The cilantro-lime pesto looks awesome - I will be trying that soon - but in the event the ice star tray is not available you can save cilantro for almost ever by keeping it in water in the fridge. Change the water every few days and it's good.

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