Tuesday, October 21, 2014

happy birthday last year!

So. So. Tired.

I survived the last two weeks - the WonderGirl 8th birthday hoopla that included her baptism, then my birthday hoopla that included traveling to Atlanta to play with my band.  Early mornings, late nights, and the confirmation that I DO feel a heckuvalot older this year.  Possibly due to the late nights/early mornings thing.

I just looked back at my 14 years of blogging (YEAH.  DUDE.) and since the second year of my bloggeting, I've done a year recap of my previous year for my birthday.  So since 2001 - and last year, I forgot, apparently. How can I remember what happened to 33 year old me, when I had Thing 3 and my brains fell out during delivery.

But ah!  I'm a blogger!  There's a history of my doings everywheres!  In fact tonight at church I'm speaking on journaling, since I keep at least 5.  Seriously.   No wait - 6.  So I looked back and pieced together what happened 2 years ago, and before I pontificate on year 34, here's a brief look at 33:

 Went to Portland for the bestest weddingest of the amazing Pascal and his super awesome woman.

 Took pictures like this.  Cuz I was still knee-deep n my 365 self-portrait project.
 Taught this one violin.  And piano.  The Dude too, but he won't pose for 700 pictures or until I get one I like (usually takes about 700)
 Celebrated 8 years of marriage. AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa.

 Finished my 365 project with only minimal whiplash.

 Survived a wicked winter.

 Kept being pregnant.

 Gave birth to this slice of heaven on earth.

 Went to church 6 days later to see the husband be set apart as a bishop.

 Did the 3 kids thing...
Dani came to visit!  So we did this!

Played a Scottish festival with The BlarneyGirls.

Had an AMAZING summer.  The baby was too small to get into anything, the Dude had just given up naps and was an actual KID (not toddler/baby) so we got to go on adventures and just be blasted happy lotsa the time.

 Went to Chi-town to see one of my favorite bands, the Polyphonic Spree, which happened to also have 2 of my awesome college buddies in it!

Did I mention how awesome our summer was?  Cuz it was.

And that actually kind of covers it.  Not terribly thrilling, but I can use a year of downtime here and there.  Stay tuned for 34...

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Jane said...

Wow. That was a whole year ago! Now I feel like my brains fell out too!
You do it all with such style and grace my dear, it could be any year. You're awesome. I hope I'm half as good a mom as you are.

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