Saturday, October 4, 2014

why hello, october

A few things:

This weekend  is my favoritest weekend because it is GENERAL CONFERENCE and there ire spiritual and physical goodies and jammies everywhere.

It's officially one week until WonderGirl turns 8, gets baptized and I host a mazillion people at my house.  Or 10, whatever.HO.LY.SNAP.

I got to go to the Chicago Temple a week or two ago.  Temple going is NOT an easy thing out here in the tundra, so it was awesomesauce.

I cleaned the kitchen.  Just thought you should know.

Thing 3 walked up to me this morning holding an Easter egg and handed it to me with a "Pease?" and when I opened it up for him, he said "Tank oo!"  That was so flipping cute that it made up for the time last week when I was reading a book to the Dude and out of nowhere Thing 3 hit me REALLY STINKING HARD in the head with a drumstick.  I didn't see it coming, either, so it was a nice surprise.  Not.

With medication and the blessing of my mom coming out a few weeks, I feel slightly more myself.  I don't know if you noticed that I was about to go completely insane, but I was.  If you didn't, booya to my acting skillz.  If you did, I should probably stop opening conversations with "Can you remember the last time you showered?  Cuz I can't!!"

One of the awesome talks today was by a woman who talked about a group of teen girls who asked her about what she wished she'd known when she was a young woman.  Her answer was that she wished she'd understood the sacrament better.  And then proceeded to give a seriously fabulous talk about that.  I wondered what I wish I'd known... and one thought that popped into my head was to have had a better perspective of what matters and what doesn't.  Thankfully I managed to get out of that age without too many bruises, but I think I would have liked to have the sense to fret less about a few things.

Pinterest is my spirit animal.  I don't know what that means, either, but I know that I MEAN IT.

Now, to go to sleep and wake up to snuggling/breaking up fights with the wee ones, the husband cooking up a storm, and a spiritual feast to boot!!!  I love the first weekend of October so hard.


Jane said...

It's so true - except I'm a tad more mercenary than you about it.
General Conference is amazing (spiritual, uplifting, all that stuff you said) BUT it also means I don't have to manage other people, prepare lessons, fill in last minute because someone hose not to come to church this week, hold my tongue or leave my house AND still it's a spiritual feast. Bonus!

klutzy k said...
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kimbo said...

Happy Birthday to WonderGirl!! Such a special day. I hope everything about your weekend with fam is magical! :)

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