Friday, September 19, 2014

you oughta be in pictures

In addition to my request in my last post, I figured I should also post an actual update/posty thing.  So I'll settle with some random pics form my 365 project lately:

 This girl is turning 8 in less than a month.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is thrilled to get to be baptized on her exact birthday, and the husband's family has this gorgeous baptism dress they've passed down for 2 generations now.  How cool is that??

This kid.  He has been so lucky in early intervention programs and teachers who genuinely love him - and it makes me so happy to see how far he has come that I'm only slightly exasperated by the fact that this was the best back-to-school picture I could get out of him.  He cracks me up.

We live next to a corn field and I got it into my head that we should go take a fall-ish picture in front of it.  This was also the best shot we could get out of us.

You know, my life ain't half bad.


Jane said...

Congratulations! And your family looks so fun. I hope we're fun someday...
Unless otherwise instructed braid or pin up her hair for the baptism. When I was a kid there was a girl who had to be dunked six(!) times because of the gorgeous blond ringlets her mother had spent time putting in.
They kept floating on top of the water.

Elizabeth said...

I think you are wonderful. And these pictures make me super happy. :)

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