Monday, November 17, 2014


I have amazing friends. Like, I don't deserve these people. at. all.  I was cleaning out a cabinet a a found this sweet gem a bestie gave me a good 13 years ago:

A mini fondue kit??  Perfection. These people have terrible taste in besties, but awesome taste in gifts. 

Last week I was having a bummer of a time, and one night - a friend who had no idea of my bummer-itude, stopped by and dropped off a tin of homemade cookies and this insanely awesome and sweet card:

These women have actual lives, children, jobs, clean houses, and still manage to make my day. Heck, I can't manage anything besides the kids.  I'm just in awe. 

So this morning, another friend - who also has dropped off treats and sweet thoughts, has left parties to come console me, dragged me out of the house for GNOs, listened to me rant and built me up repeatedly- called me up in a panic and cancelled our morning plans so she could take care of a sick child. 

Now of all times, I thought, THIS is a time I can finally pay it forward. I'm seriously horrible at gift giving, but I had a free morning and some spare cards and gift bags, so I wrote a note, and slipped it in a bag with the most thoughtful gift I could think of - my last Hostess cupcake. I wrangled Thing 3 into the car and....

My car key was gone. This is the last one we have for that car because I lost the last one. I'd just had it, too. I was all ready to be a good human, and instead I spent the rest of the morning crawling my house with a flashlight, terrified of have to actually clean it to find the key (by the way, I lost the other one in the house and it's still here somewhere... so there was a chance this one was lost foreverrrrrrrr.)

I found it a few hours later, but by that time her crisis had been averted and Thing 3 had gone down for a nap.  Dagnabit.  Just once, I could have done it.  I knew where she was and what she likes. Oh, for the love of a freakin' van key.  I left it by her house later when I was picking up the kids, but someday I hope I can be there at the moment - even the teensiest bit  - as much as my friends have been for me.

No joke, guys - thanks for friend-slumming it with me!!!


Danielle said...

If I lived closer, you could have called me and then I would have just driven you and then we could have crawled all around your house together looking for your key. :( Just sayin'. But I'm pretty sure you and your more awesome friends make me look bad. Because crawling around your house looking for stuff and washing your dishes is about all I'm good for. Especially these days. Ha.

Jane said...

Are you telling me that your husband has not yet taught Thing 3 how to hotwire a car? Slacker.
Especially with that kid's love of all things electrical.
This is a moment when "the thought really does count."

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