Tuesday, November 18, 2014

not bad

So Thing 3 is a total thorn in the poor Dude's side - well, all if ours, lately. It's just what I've learned is the nature of toddlers. They are cuter than babies and more terrifying than banshees. It's just the nature of it all. WonderGirl survived the Dude, so she gets it, but the Dude is getting the full brunt of it. He has moments where he genuinely works at kindness, but it doesn't come naturally. I'm cool with that - the fact that he's willing to work is a mammoth feat and I'll take it!  

So when I saw Thing 3 crawl up and over the Dude this morning, I expected fireworks. But.... miracle of miracles, this happened!!  

There may have even been a cuddle or two!!  AH-MAZING!!!!!  I don't expect a repeat or even civility any time soon, but it was long enough for pictorial evidence - and that's all I need for future brainwashing. "Hey Dude!  Remember how much you loooove Thing 3?  I do, seeeeee???"

And THAT is how you parent.  

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Jane said...

I heard an educator talk about mindsets the other day - fixed vs. growth minds - and a growth mind revels in the effort, not the result. A fixed mind cares only for the outcome.
Apparently we can teach it.
Apparently you have taught it.
Go Dude.

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