Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GPOYW - old skool

GPOYW - I Wear My Sunglasses At Night On The Kitchen Counter -edition. 

Back before selfies had a name, we old timey bloggers had Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday. I think I'm going to bring that back starting today (because I'm a lazy blogger too and this covers the mid-week slump nicely) - which is kind of ironic, since the last thing I have wanted all day was to catch a glimpse of my ugly mug in the mirror, let a picture. 

I was trying to find some angle in the kitchen to get a shot that was misleading and made me look not haggard and crazytown, but I couldn't. So I laid down on the counter and tried to breathe. Thing 3 came by and howled at me, and I realized this was the best representation of my day this far, so I held up my phone and snap. History made. 

A bit back, I started taking a med for anxiety that worked pretty well. I was free of some of that constant panic and tightness, but I also had some massive headaches. They got so bad the doc had me go off of them to see if it was the medicine's fault, which it was. So a few days ago, the headaches finally stopped! And today the crippling &@%!! anxiety came back!  I am conscious of the situation this time - like, I realize this is a chemical thing that can be treated, and it's NOT all the wacky crud my brain keeps throwing at me as possible reasons for why I suddenly want to dig a hole and then stay in it indefinitely.   But ugh. Yay today?

And then tonight, I realized why my face has been breaking out to weird lately. I have eczema!  On my face!  Oh joy!  So now I'm totally panicked, really depressed AND I am so disgusted at the sight of myself that I'm am looking up eczema remedies and burkas on the internets. 

Yay Wednesday!


Danielle said...

Eczema?? Seriously? Boo!! And I wouldn't use that stuff I recommended... I hear coconut oil is supposed to be amazing as a face moisturizer though, if that helps.

Jane said...

Does chocolate help with the anxiety? Or does aspirin help with the headaches? It seems like modern medicine should be able to manage both situations somehow...they're transplanting people's faces for crying out loud!

kimbo said...

Maybe chocolate aspirin? :)

M said...

Use a lotion that has calendula in it. Usually found in natural baby lotions. That helped calm the eczema on the side of my neck.

Master P said...


HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...