Sunday, November 30, 2014

nablopomo WIN.

Why hello, November 30th. You came a lot sooner than I thought you would. It doesn't feel like I've covered a whole lotta quality this NaBloPoMo, but at least I made up for it in quantity!

Speaking of something completely different, last night I descended into a sore throat/body aches hole and took a night time cold/flu medicine in the hopes that a good night's sleep would knock it out.  But alas, I awoke at 1 am to Thing 3 throwing up and hotter than blue blazes.  The husband was taking care of everything while I wandered around fetching clean this and that, and then he stayed in with T3 for a few more hours so I could get back to sleep.  Then, he actually went to his early morning bishoping stuff while I stayed in with 2 snotty kids (physically, not mentally) and a T3 who was WAY too active for someone who had been delirious and sick a few hours earlier.  I was hoping for more snuggling with a sick kid, but instead I laid in bed while the Dude periodically came in to jump on me.  So then the hubs stayed for all of church (taught 3rd hour), came home and watched the kids while I slept for a few more hours, made pizza from scratch and who knows what else.  Tender mercies, thy name is HUBS!

So as a parting gift for this year, I'll share a bit of wisdom I gleaned for a parenting mag in a waiting room years ago: When your kids turn into crabs, put them in water!

No matter the time of day, if they are driving you crazy, driving themselves crazy, whatever, playing in the bath will fix it, at least temporarily.  On crazy snow days, we've started out our day in the bath and I've given the kids shaving cream and water guns and let them go at it.  They think it's a day in the tropics if you let them wear their swimsuits in there.  Or I've thrown them in there with as many pots and pans as I care to have to rewash.  Or have them make an entire mountain of bubble snakes.  This pic was today at 5pm when T3 wouldn't stop pestering me for more water when he already had a full cup RIGHT THERE.  This is probably totally common knowledge for everyone else, but I'm so grateful someone had the kindness to state the obvious for people as clueless as me.  

So there you go.  And hey, if you're turning into a crab, throw yourself in some water!  A good bath/shower always perks me up, so it stands to reason it'd be universal.

Thanks for sticking with me!!


Jane said...

That is some kind of genius!
Remind me of this when I call you in a few months with this exact problem.
Thank YOU for sticking with it! I love to read your thoughts and experiences.

Miss D said...

I am so sorry for the sickness. Even more sad that it cost me being able to hug you one more time before next year some time. Alas. And as a child who grew up playing in the tub, hose, plastic pools, and eventually horse trough outside, yes. Water is the cure to everything.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great month of wit & wisdom.

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