Monday, November 24, 2014

phoning it in

Dani is traveling with a baby, Jane just gave birth, and they are both doing a better job of blogging than me, who has not left the city limits here in at least a week. I'm literally phoning it in. Laying in bed here, typing this out with my thumb on my phone while spooning my snoozing husband. Sad. 

I do have valid excuses - even though I did end up taking a nap today. But a house full of family all weekend, plus nursery this morning zapped all my energy. Yesterday afternoon I felt like I'd been clicked over the head with a sleepy stick, but there wasn't time to rest. We had to stake out our seats for the Holly Jolly Light Parade in downtown ClownTown. 

We all wore snow pants even though the blessed temps were in the 40s, but it came in handy because the ground was wet. SMRT. 

It's just utter small town gloriousness. There's nothing cuter. And marching bands wearing Chrismas lights!!  So previous!

We played Charades while we were waiting. Some if the kids were surprisingly good. They got my Frozen clue in .3 nanoseconds. 

It's all about the kids - we took a MAZILLION pics if them, but I wanted to be sure it was documented that we grownups were there and had survived. 

Alex went out last night and surprised us l with donuts this morning. Best uncle ever. 

And completely unrelated, to ifhtroom the hubs and I were practicing a music number for the ward Christmas party and I lamented a lack of bass players in our ward, when the husband decided WonderGirl could probably play the part cuz it was all open strings, so he grabbed her an acoustic bass and she totally figured it out.  Nutty. Eat THAT, Suzuki-hating MOC. Don't ask me to elaborate...

And I'm going to sign off before I start typing gibberish. Happy Sunday!!


Jane said...

We really envy you the small town camaraderie. (Not the cold snow though.) Such fun you have over there.
And if a bass player was all we were lacking here!!
You guys are so skilled.

Miss D said...

You have 3 extremely energetic good excuses. Plus you did host 9 extra humans in your house this weekend. And your town is adorable. I'm kinda sad I didn't see that parade. Also, your daughter is way more appealing than MOC. In so many ways.

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