sleeeeep. kind of.

Almost bedtime!  My last night out of 4 magical nights without the husband.  Don't get me wrong - I adore the snot outta him.  I miss him like a crazy person, I really do.  But... I have this really bad habit of flopping around the bed in my sleep.  No joke, aside from all the times I've kicked him - once I actually punched him in the face.  I'm a TERRIBLE sleeper.  Y'all should seriously pity him.  I found a nice internets picture to illustrate:

One morning early on our marriage, I woke up and I couldn't find him - until I heard him stirring on the floor next to the bed.  I asked him what he was doing down there, and he (angrily muttered) "I was tired of getting kicked!"

The thing is, I have NO recollection of the nutty things I do at night, but since he's actually getting physically and verbally attacked, apparently he does.

One of my earliest memories is being told by my aunt how I'd kicked her like a donkey all night long and her legs were black and blue.  Conscious me is a very conscientious person!  But apparently subconscious me wants to hurt people?  The first night he was gone the thrill of all that open space went to my head and I woke up every hour literally kicking myself.  I've worked through the kinks and have resumed pre-2005 sleeping habits.

So I'm thrilled he's coming home tomorrow - like, over the moon happy.  But we should all have a small prayer in our hearts for the poor husband Friday morning.  Because as much as I adore him, I'm probably going to kick him in the shins.*

* this is not an admission of guilt.  this is just being realistic.  Poor guy.


Jane said…
Is it a space thing or a proximity thing?
I cuddle up to whatever is there and would cuddle Tarzan right off his side of bed until we got a body pillow and now he can "hug and roll" me over to my pillow and still get a good night's rest.
M said…
My mother once told me that, while she was pregnant with me, I kicked so hard I kicked my dad out of bed. I do kick in my sleep. And speak French.
Floyd said…
For the record, I actually like sleeping on the floor. Your kicking has become much ledd frequent over the years. I love sharing a bed with the most beautiful woman that I know.
Danielle said…
I really don't know how we shared a twin bed when you came to visit in college...
Pisceanchick said…
Aww I hope Reva's feet stay still tonight!

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