Sunday, December 28, 2014


I love Aldi. Love love love. It's the best grocery store ever. It limits choices and then wins points over for originality. Like, want brownie mix?  There's one kind. One brand, one kind. Deal with it. 

But then look over there!  Really good (and cheap) goat cheese!  Weird European pastries!  And a whole aisle of random non-grocery stuff that changes all the time!  No joke, one time I bought the husband a chainsaw there. 

And the section, though limited, is always an adventure. Take my breakfast today:

Double chocolate granola!  I'm going to be smug about my superior eating habits all day. Especially since something like this costs at least twice as much at another store. 

But not being the healthy eating type, I'm not well-versed in the small print, so this part kind of worries me: 

If it's free of all that, what on earth is IN it?  

Whatevs. I'll go ahead and be smug anyway. 


kimbo said...

Aldi has been one of my favorite things here! It's so random! It kind of reminds me of those grocery shopping game shows in the 80s. :)

Cathie said...

Fat and sugar?

Jane said...

Chocolate duh. Didn't you read the label? DOUBLE chocolate. Doesn't leave room for much else.

Tarzan said...

Gluten free generally means the substitute grain with rice which has not gluten. Unfortunately the trade off is they have to put in more sugar since gluten free is generally more bland and as a result gluten free has more calories usually. I think the only people who should buy gluten free are those with the celiac disease Megan had or those who like the taste.

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