Monday, January 5, 2015


There is no connection between this picture and this post. It just happens to make me laugh all the time. It might be my favorite thing the internets have ever done. 

Also not connected is a big thank you to your responses to my purging questions, as well as all your other general input and awesomeness!  I freaking love bloggeting. 

Now, the point. I'm kind of feeling New Year's this year. I'm not going all crazy, but I feel a little jazzed trying to do better. The real reason is we put the two older kiddos in karate and they meet different days almost every day of the week at dinner time. I need to be on my game. 

So, this morning I made a schedule,   and decided to go on a water drinking challenge thing. I know I should try and be healthier, but I'd rather not change my eating habits or exercise. Ever. So water! I saw a picture of a lady in the Daily Mail who drank 3 liters of water a day for 4 weeks and at the end, she looked way better. Notably to me, the dark circles under her eyes were way less, and I want a piece of that. 

So I drank just over 3 liters of water today, and ate some really unhealthy stuff, including a massive brownie. Except for the water, that's a normal Reva diet. And I have gone to the bathroom too many times to count and have a mad headache. I will feel awesome by February, right?  Because I think right now my body is confused by all the water and my brain is swelling in shock. 

And now, something else that made me laugh today:

It took a minute for me to get it. I think it totally fits for this post, too. If I drink a boatload of water, it cancels out every other bad decision I make within 30 minutes of drinking it!

Water is magic!


The Atomic Mom said...

With water, you have to be careful that you don't drink too much. It can actually leach out your electrolytes and such. I find that drinking club soda is good sometimes too. It has just a pinch of salt in it. Also to jazz up water --- mint, lemons, q-cumber slices are all very good.

Cathie said...

I regularly drink 96+ oz a day, and other than feeling hydrated, it helps nothing!

Jane said...

Good for you!
Depending on how much you regularly drink your body might just be adjusting. These things can take time. I second the suggestion to flavor/spruce up/add stuff to the water. It's the only way I made it through pregnancy water requirements.

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