Wednesday, March 18, 2015

moving on south

Oh, and this is official now.  Anyone want to buy our house in Wisconsin or sell us a house in the south end of Houston?  Or do all the other bazillion things we need to do but haven't even started because AAAAAKKKKK?

A few FAQs for you:

We are moving because the husband's company is transferring him.

We are done with the winters here, but everything else about leaving makes me a little sick inside.  We have done such good work with both kids in school and I finally figured how to use the library's online stuff.  And this is house is freaking awesome.  On the end of a street, next to a farm with really pretty cows (they really are quite picturesque) and a massive park across the street - I don't think we'll ever get so lucky ever again.

Yes, this means the hubs days as a bishop are numbered.  Lots of mixed feelings there.

No, I've never been to Houston.  Ever.

Why yes, I DO hate packing!  Thank you for asking!


The Atomic Mom said...

I'm excited for you. Of course you will swap the snow for summers from hell. But, you don't have to shovel sunshine.


Jane said...

Houston will be awesome. Just like Atlanta was awesome and Brazil was awesome. And Wisconsin is awesome.
Because it's where you are.
You can acclimate faster than anyone else on the planet. I have great hopes of fabulous stories from down south!!

Anonymous said...

Funny, some friends of mine just found out today that they're moving to Houston in a few months. Which they also announced by posing their 2 adults, 3 kids (similar ages) family with a sign that said so. I almost thought I'd accidentally clicked the wrong button and gone back to her FB account. :)
Good luck. Houston (and Texas in general) are awesome.

kimbo said...

I'm so happy/sad! So excited for your family to move somewhere warm and new adventures and Texas (yay!), but also, we just got here! And we haven't met up yet! Psh.

This is completely unrelated, but I thought you'd get a kick out of the video for this Kickstarter project:

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