Tuesday, April 28, 2015

moving update

SO.  We're listing the house.  That means it has to be clean.  CLEAN.  I DO NOT DO CLEAN.  This might just kill me.

We've been attempting to take pictures of the house in the brief moments when things are clean.  Behold, a picture of our kitchen that isn't a disaster:

Of course, this is what the room next to it looked like:


My superawesome mom is coming this weekend to watch the humans I spawned so the hubs and I can head out to check out the area we've decided to focus our house/school hunt on in Houston.  I've actually never even been to Houston.  Ever.  And I'm kind of sort of terrified.  Because a few years ago we went to Austin to scope things out when there was a job offer out there, and I can't say I cared for it.  I know everyone says Austin is the best part of Texas, but I lived in Denton (north TX) for 5 years and Austin looked a lot like Denton to me.  Wonderful people, uuuuugly landscape.  And the houses are on top of each other.

My current view and house are pretty ideal.  Nice big yard, at the end of a street, across from a park, safe neighborhood?  I don't know if I can count on getting any of those in our price range in Houston.  Ulp.

Wish me luck.  Please.


Cathie said...

I strongly suggest renting in the area you think you want, so that if it turns out not to be your cup of tea, you're not locked in.

Jane said...

I am very glad that you get to list your house in the spring/summer because people do not generally buy homes in a blizzard. Well done!
Enjoy Texas. If you do not like it, you can come live with me!

M said...

Cathie is right. My parents bought in Spring, and were pretty happy until a bazillion more houses sprang (har) up around them. Rent and be sure.

At least you'll be living where there's no snow. Of course, you'll also be living where there's high humidity and a lot of bugs.

But, hey, you can drive to the . . . Gulf. Sort of like the ocean? But not really?

I've lived in Austin, Lewisville, and have visited family in Houston. Um . . . Email me if you ever want details.

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