Wednesday, April 22, 2015

GPOYW - hairy

I'm aware that these pictures are no help at all, but I've taken to lightening my hairs.  Behold, a Cousin It view:

Oh man, I just realized my kids will almost definitely never get that reference.  At what age is the Addams Family knowledge cut-off??

Anywho, I'm still firmly commited to this whole letting myself go thing, but the hubs has some crazy notion that I should try at least a little and maintain a decent haircut/style.  I'm really against it because having kids and trying to get to a salon has become a nightmare in the last few years, and I'd rather look like a vagrant than go through trying to carve out time and childcare for something as useless as hair.  I mean, it's a bunch of dead cells that no matter what you do, will always change.  It keeps growing out or falling out, and then there's the stress of hoping your stylist (if you can find a decent one) can create something decent and that's always a crapshoot and gaahhhh.  I'm getting panicked just typing about it.

Boo on you, hair.

But the other week, the hubs came home with this tube of Summer Lights Hair Lightening Gelee that promised to be low stress and gradual. 
 It's this gel you put on your hair and leave it in - and the sun and/or a hairdryer helps it lighten a wee bit.  Kind of like the whole lemon juice idea, but it has hydrogen peroxide in it too.  I've used it for a week and half now, and it looks like I've hit the lightest my hair will go on it - it's lighter with a tinge of strawberry blonde.  I tried taking a picture of it last weekend but it didn't capture the lightness so much.  My eyes, however, looked super awesome, so let's take a moment and enjoy my eyeballs.

Let's try this one more time with a little less It vibe:

No makeup whatsover.  Or a bra, for that matter.  See?  I'm totally fine with looking like a crazy person.  Speaking of, my cool SIL asked if I'd do a capsule wardrobe challenge with her - that thing where you only have 37 items of clothing and they all coordinate so you waste less time getting ready or shopping, and get rid of stuff you don't wear anyway.  It sounds great, but then I realized I already kind of do that.  I just wear ill-fitting t-shirts and jeans, because jeans are safe (meaning my kids can't pull them up or down like a skirt... I've been exposed so many times at church... blarg.) and they're going to end up stained or ripped anyway, even though I HATE WOMEN'S TEE SHIRTS.  I have a torso, people!!  If you are going to be putting out only low rise jeans, for the love of Pete, make the shirts longer so we aren't constantly yanking our tops down or our pants up.  GAH.  So I pretty much just walk around slightly annoyed all the time, until bedtime when I put on snuggly pants.  And I haven't hit the point where I'll wear those in public - mostly because there are far too many holes in them.  But sooooo snuggly.

What was I talking about? 

Hair.  So anyway, my hair is slightly lighter.  Woohoo.  This has been a lovely little break, but back to going through the house freaking out that I'll never get it clean enough for a showing and we'll never sell it and I'll end up living in a van down by the river.  In Houston.  Blarg.

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Jane said...

I do love - and have always been envious of - your eyeballs. Hair can be fixed. There is nothing to be done if your eyeballs are small. (Like mine.)
If your hair really bugs you that much, have you considered wigs?

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