Wednesday, April 15, 2015


GPOYW - SO.TWO. edition.  Having a toddler is like being in a abusive relationship.  I know he doesn't mean it personally, but it's hard not to feel battle worn after carrying a screaming-kicking-mess though the Pierce's parking lot because he wants to run unassisted, right into traffic.  The thing is, there is nothing more endearing or wonderful than a two year old who is getting what he wants and is laying the charm on thick.  I LOVE YOU!  I HATE YOU AND EVERYTHING ON EARTH! Life becomes a little more tolerable when you just accept that all toddlers are bipolar.

But I've come out the other end and I know that this stage ends.  And someday when they see the Sesame Street logo, they won't say this:

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I might miss this.  Might.


Jane said...

I wonder if that's how Heavenly Father feels, protecting us from our self destructive paths, despite our efforts...
I think you do a marvelous job of it. You are my model.

M said...

Oh, I don't know, my 6-year-old was shouting, "KQED!" the other morning (the call letters for our local PBS station).

Anonymous said...

What a journey to witness. The development of a tongue. Epoch!
He's been watching and listening very carefully. Now it's all starting to come together. Lucky for him that he gets to hear and see so many good things. Lucky for you that you get to see it all happen…before it too quickly sails away.


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