Monday, April 13, 2015

i gurfed.

Hey, so remember how my last post was all "I'm so stressed about moving that I'm nauseous!" - well, it turns out I was stressed because I WAS nauseous.  I was trying to write something to take my mind of my anxiety and I just kept feeling worse.  I thought it was because I was stressed or hungry, so I ate a ton and tried to breathe calmly, but that didn't help either.

It turns out the best cure was actually throwing up.  Apparently I had a 24 hour bug (Thing 3 got it too) and I didn't realize I was sick so I just assumed I was stressed because hello, this is me.

So I feel much better today!  Stress is waayyy better than bugs.

Other things of note:

I just picked the Dude up from school and realized he'd been wearing his pants backwards.  All day.  This was nowhere near the first time, but usually it's sweatpants so it's not obvious.  Today was totally obvious - they had back pockets.  That were on his front.

A friend insisted on coming over today and helped me paint and clean for FOUR HOURS.  There are a few walls that aren't totally terrifying anymore!  I want to be that kind of friend.  She has an older daughter who can watch the younger kids, and homeschools too - all 5 of them.  Also they have a farm with chickens, a massive lavender crop and gazillion other things going on.  I don't think I'll ever hit that kind of awesome level, but darn it, I'm so thankful for examples of awesome humans who maybe, juuuust maybe I'll be able to emulate someday.

I realized I have no shorts.  We're moving to Houston.  Would someone please direct me to where to shop for new clothes for a humid environment??  They have to fit every single one of these criteria:

Modest (LDS).
Not too nice so I won't feel bad if they get boogers and peanut butter on them.
Not too expensive so I won't feel bad if they get boogers and peanut butter on them.
I mean it.
Seriously, I hate all clothes because they never cover all my torso and I'm always bending over, crawling after kids and readjusting my shirts all the time and I haaaaaaate it.

Have a nice Monday with stress caused by actually stressy things other than stomach bugs!

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Jane said...

It amuses me that as adults we fight the urge to heave when as children we know it will solve the problem.
Glad you are feeling better.
As for clothes, I recommend dresses, or long, tunic type shirts. They are breezy for the heat, and long and totally in vogue right now so should be plentiful.

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