Sunday, May 3, 2015

status update

I'm in Houston scouting out the scene this weekend with the hubs and my sainted,  perfect, amazing, incredible, awesomesauce mom is watching the kids back in Wisconsin.

We skyped briefly this afternoon and I asked if they were being good to Gamma. They agreed that she was,  but then added this :

WonderGirl: But she doesn't like marshmallows!
The Dude: She's trying to kill us!

Sounds about right. 


Jane said...

Seriously? She doesn't like marshmallows? I didn't know that.

Pisceanchick said...

Lollll :)

Anonymous said...

In my defense…
Sticky puffs of air? What's to like?
Translate "killing" = Lots of fun, Wall-to-Wall physical activities.
Tired children are the best kind.


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